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From the slopes to the mountains. This ski mountaineering course is intended for those who want to improve their mountain skiing skills and is appropriate for anyone who can ski confidently on-piste, since its level can be tweaked to meet the needs of the group. Some groups have already done quite a bit of off-piste skiing and for these, the course is targeted at improving their skiing skills and safety knowledge. Other groups consist primarily of those hoping to gain the confidence and skills needed to transition away from the groomed slopes of downhill ski centres to the more challenging snow and terrain of the high mountains. »ski mountaineering courses

Glacier Course for Skiers. This shorter glacier course is targeted at those wanting to gain the basic glacier knowledge necessary for safe glacier skiing – or, indeed, for those who simply want a quick refresher. We will go through how to make a rope team and moving together on ropes, snow and ice anchors and how to utilise these in a crevasse-rescue scenario and safe glacier navigation and movement, even in ‘white-out’ conditions.

»galcier course for skiers


Kite skiing. There are a number of kite-skiing destinations in Lapland that are a kite-skier’s paradise. However, it is best to start practicing this unique sport on flat icy lakes. Luckily there are also a number of these to choose from. »kite skiing


Avalanche safety training. Anyone who hikes or skis in snow-covered mountains should be able to evaluate the possible risk of avalanche from the route planning stage onwards. Hence, AMG offers both an introductory one-day course to avalanche safety as well as a more in-depth, three-day course looking at risks and hazards associated with this mountain phenomenon. In the three-day course, clients learn to recognise areas and snow layers that present a high risk of avalanche, to assess these various avalanche zones when choosing safe routes through mountains and when testing the stability of the snow-pack itself. There is also a considerable amount of time spent practice rescuing – and then learning how to provide immediate first-aid for – victims, using a variety of transceivers, probes, and snow-shovels. Finally, learning how to read the weather is also an important part of making decisions about where to go in the mountains, since this can have a significant impact on the snow and therefore, on avalanche risk. »avalanche safety training

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»polar preparation courses under construction

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ski mountaineering

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climbing courses

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