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Arctic Mountain Guides provide guiding services across the neighboring countries of Arctic Scandinavia. In Norway we guide in Lyngen, Tromsø and, occasionally, in the Narvik / Lofoten area. In Finland, we guide in the Käsivarsi region of Kilpisjärvi as well as in Lapland’s various skiing centres. In Sweden, we offer courses in Riksgränsen and we also, of course, offer products in Svalbard (Spitsbergen).


Lyngen’s enormous mountainous peninsula, situated between two fjords, is located c. 50km east of Tromso and 50km west of Kilpisjarvi. The area is so spectactular and Alpine in aspect that it is known, in mountaineering circles, as the ‘Lyngen Alps’. Mountains and glaciers rise directly from the sea to heights of around 1500m. The highest summit - - Jiehkkevárri – rises to 1834 m and is known as the ‘Mont Blanc of the North’. The region arguably offers the best possibilities for mountain skiing and trekking in Northern Scandinavia.

AMG offers mountain-skiing, trekking, glacier-treks and customized mountain-skill courses in Lyngen, with products lasting anything from a few hours to a number of days.


Tromsø, "Ishavsby", is a vibrant city with a population of 65,000. It is situated right beside the Arctic Ocean and is surrounded by mountains and fjords. Historically, the city functioned as an important base for adventurers, climbers and Arctic researchers. Nowadays, Tromsø is a lively and bustling city, where you can arguably find the world’s northernmost university, brewery, planetarium and much more!

Tromsø offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities, in both the summer and winter. Skiing in all it's modes is winter’s obligatory pastime. During the winter, the city usually experiences a snow-fall of 1-1,5 meters although the record set on 31.4.1997 was 2,5 meters. The plentiful snow and the northerly location enables skiing through until mid/late June, although the best conditions are generally found in March, April and May. In the summer there are excellent places for hiking, climbing and glacier-trekking, all within an hour’s drive of the city.

The vibrant city also offers some more relaxing holiday options to the outdoor challenges on its doorstep. In-between souvenir and outdoor equipment shopping, its numerous cafés and restaurants – many of which spill out onto its main street in a manner which has earned the town the epithet of ‘The Paris of the North’ – can easily satisfy the most discerning pallet. You will find not only Scandinavian and western cuisine but also a variety of Asian restaurants – and even an ‘extreme sports café’.

There are also a number of places to visit – including the behind-the-scenes working of the Brewery! If you prefer a more arctic theme, then the Polaria museum provides a captivating presentation of the area’s flora and fauna and also displays one of the boats used in early exploration of the region. The Polar Museum is also truly unique. This showcases the Arctic expeditions of the past and offers a fascinating insight both into the hardy souls who first journeyed into the frozen wastes and into the way in which native peoples managed to live in such regions, historically.

In essence, Tromsø is everything that an outdoor person could wish for as a base from which to enjoy an active outdoor holiday.

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