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There are a number of kite-skiing destinations in Lapland that are a kite-skier’s paradise. However, it is best to start practicing this unique sport on flat icy lakes. Luckily there are also a number of these to choose from.

Our most popular starting places are Kilpisjärvi’s Kilpis Lake or the Ounas Lakes of Hetta. If a little more advanced, you will be able to kite-ski in the fells, on a one-day trip or longer. Most choose to either head to the treeless wilderness area of Käsivarsi (‘Finland’s arm’) or to the Pallas-Ounas mountain chain where, with adequate wind, one can easily travel tens of kilometers a day, in spectacular surroundings.


In order to participate in a kite-skiing day, you will need your downhill-, telemark-skiing or snow-boarding equipment and a helmet. We can rent out helmets as well as back-protective equipment. Arctic Mountain Guides uses Ozone kites and equipment.

Place: Kilpisjärvi or Hetta

Time: February - May

Duration: 5 hours

Number of participants: 1 - 4

Price: 100 Euros

Price includes: instructing, kites and harnesses

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