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From the slopes to the mountains.

This course is intended for those who want to improve their mountain skiing skills and is appropriate for anyone who can ski confidently on-piste, since its level can be tweaked to meet the needs of the group. Some groups have already done quite a bit of off-piste skiing and for these, the course is targeted at improving their skiing skills and safety knowledge. Other groups consist primarily of those hoping to gain the confidence and skills needed to transition away from the groomed slopes of downhill ski centres to the more challenging snow and terrain of the high mountains.

Regardless of your starting level, each participant will leave the 5 day course with more confidence in ascending as well as in descending and with a far higher level of knowledge of snow-safety, winter glacier movement, mountain navigation and emergency shelters. We tend to start on fairly easy ground on the first day and then progress through the appropriate skills needed for more challenging terrain on the following days.


Since many mountain and back-country trips last for several days, and mountain weather is notoriously unstable, we believe that it is important for participants to gain confidence in their ability to build emergency shelters.

All of the technical equipment needed, (snow-safety and glacial-safety equipment) is provided as part of the course.

Location: Lyngen Alps, Northern Norway

Best Time of Year: Feb - May

Course Length: 5 days

Number of Participants: 3- 8

Price: 490 Euros per person

Price Includes: guiding, avalanche and glacier gear

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ski mountaineering

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ski mountaineering

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kite skiing courses

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